Friday, June 25, 2010

There are MANY like me....

I was raised at Rehoboth Baptist Church and my family has been a part of the church for at least 4 generations. Although I am no longer an attender of Rehoboth, I still love the church with all my heart. As most of you who might visit this site already know, Rehoboth is at a crossroads. Do they stay at the location in Tucker that they have occupied for over a century, or do they relocate to a new space? There are a number of reasons on both sides of the coin to move or stay...none of which is what this site is about.

So what is this all about?

Sometime this past spring I was sitting in church one Sunday morning praying for Rehoboth. I knew some of what they were facing as a church and began asking God to do things (that I thought were best) for them. Long story short...God told me no. So I asked why not. I began to recount in my mind the times in the Bible where God had seemingly been moving in one direction, but when His people fasted and prayed and humbled themselves, He would restore His people. I told God that morning that I would do that, but that I wanted to only do what He wanted me to do. At that point I felt Him leading me to do two things as strongly as I have ever felt Him lead in my life. First, I felt him leading me to simply fast for Rehoboth on Wednesdays at lunch. This has not been a major task to give up only one meal a week for a place that I hold so dear. The second leading was a little different. He was leading me to pray for those currently at Rehoboth in a specific way....that their hearts would be in alignment with His will. This is a bit scary, because His will in this matter might not be what I want (specifically that the church would be the way it was when I was growing up...buildings and all). But if I want what is best for Rehoboth, how can I argue that God's will is not best. So I have been praying daily and fasting on Wednesdays at lunch since that time. I sent out an email to a small number of friends at that time and asked them to join me. Some of them have been and some maybe not, but I have felt this week that more of us need to join this process. All I ask is that you consider joining me in these two directions: Fast on Wednesday at lunch and specifically pray for Rehoboth during that time (if God leads you to fast differently, certainly feel free to do so), and Pray that the hearts of those currently at Rehoboth (leaders, church goers, members, etc) to align with God's will.

If you feel led to do either of the above, please sign in at the side bar as an encouragement to others who might also love Rehoboth like we do.

I don't know that there will ever be any updates to this blog, but feel free to visit to see who might be participating in this process. Thanks for considering it, regardless of whether you join or not.

Adam Cantrell